Today the Spanish Government has finally appointed a new General Director for Gambling. The new director is Mr. Carlos Hernández, who up to this moment has acted as the Deputy General Director for Regulation at the Spanish gambling authority.


This was a long-time expected appointment, since the former General Director (Mr. Enrique Alejo) left his post in mid-April. The selection of a new director was especially sensitive given the current regulatory environment of the Spanish online gambling market. Indeed, shortly before the former General Director left, the authorities had announced they will to proceed with the regulation of exchange betting and online slots, as well as considering the possibility of introducing other amendments aimed at making the regulatory framework more flexible. The lack of appointment of a General Director constituted an element that could result in delays in the enactment of the said regulatory developments.


The fact that the new General Director already has solid experience in the field of online gambling in Spain is a very positive element. Certainly, the appointment of such experienced director will allow avoiding the sensible delay that would require a new responsible arriving at this post understanding the main features that are going on in this very sensitive moment.


In summary, this appointment is very good news for the Spanish regulated industry and should allow the progression of the regulatory amendments that are going on and that should result in a more attractive environment.

Posted by Ashley Averill on Friday 14 Jun 2013