We have been advising several social gaming operators on their European expansion and therefore have got to know the position on social gaming under several jurisdictions. And through such reviews, it is interesting to see that the issue that always arises as to the qualification of social gaming pertains on what can be deemed to be "monetary value".[Read More]

Posted by Giulio Coraggio on Thursday 30 May 2013

As the debate around the regulation of social gaming sharpens, Stephen Ketteley (DLA Piper, London) shares his thoughts on the latest developments.[Read More]

Posted by Stephen Ketteley on Tuesday 14 May 2013

Posted by Giulio Coraggio on Thursday 10 Jan 2013

Compliance of social games with Italian law is still unclear to many operators from what I understood during the EiG in Barcelona last week. And indeed there are a number of regulatory issues to take into account.

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Posted by Giulio Coraggio on Sunday 21 Oct 2012

 In an article for May's edition of World Online Gambling Law Report, Stephen Ketteley (DLA Piper, London) discusses the extraordinary growth of social gaming and considers how we may see regulation adapting to cope with this new entertainment genre. Read the article

Posted by Susan Clayton on Monday 28 May 2012

Stephen Ketteley, partner in DLA Piper's London office discusses the convergence of gambling and social media.

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Posted by Ashley Averill on Monday 02 Apr 2012